Training for Elite Performance


What's involved?

1. Assess and Analyze: Understand the "why", key pressure points affecting performance, gaps and desired state.

2. Design and Develop: Recommend a program that is tailored to meet your requirements.
2. Implement and Evaluate: Deliver engaging learning and conduct "Velocity Checks" to measure success.

Zen Stones

Performance Under Pressure

Succulent Plant and Binder Clips

Inside Management

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Customized Learning Program

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Mindset Selling

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Small Green Plants

Strategic Account Management

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Accelerations is proud to be part of the Gazing Performance Systems Global Partner Network. Since Gazing started in the UK back in 1998, they've gradually expanded their reach through a network of high performing and fully accredited licensed partners who can deliver their programs, adapted as necessary to local market requirements. As part of this network, Accelerations can offer Gazing-licensed training and coaching in many different countries and languages.


So what sets Gazing apart? The Gazing approach to optimizing performance is all about doing the simple things exceptionally well. It’s also about being clear about what those simple things are and being able to execute the basics, under pressure. We help people learn how to think clearly and execute the skills they have, consistently, whatever situation they find themselves in. But, in the incredibly complex environment that is the human mind, such “simplicity” is anything but simple to achieve. Therefore, all Gazing curriculum is underpinned with psychological principles to advocate success.