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Better Account Management

A practical new perspective on managing relationships to generate sales 

  1. Providing clarity to complex key accounts

  2. Aligning strategic objectives of relationship building with the immediate requirements to generate sales opportunities

  3. Experiential learning using real-life scenarios

Results and Skills
At the end of the program, every participant will have:

  • A clear understanding of the key principles involved in managing accounts with a view to generating sales opportunities

  • A clear analysis of a key account, in the form of a one-page strategy overview, together with a list of specific live deal opportunities, and the next steps in pursuing them.



  • Understanding your customer’s business

  • Identifying key influencers and decision makers

  • Understanding personal and business drivers

  • Developing new opportunities

  • Multi-level client engagement

  • Building credibility

  • Relationship management

  • Performance under pressure


Time frame: 3 days


Who should attend: Anyone involved in large account management, from sales professionals to leaders.

Business Meeting
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