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Better Leaders

Based on robust psychological principles, we help managers withstand the constant barrage of demands upon them, and thrive on the pressure - transforming doubt or uncertainty into sharp focus, clear communication, and decisive action.

Results and Skills
At the end of the program, every participant will have:

  • A clear understanding of the key principles involved in client-focused selling

  • A new awareness of the major "traps" to avoid in selling and how to deal with them

  • A clear diagnosis of their current deals, identifying the most important next steps

  • Working knowledge of the client decision making cyle and the main selling skills tools


  • Building high-performing teams

  • Managing under pressure

  • Reviewing KPIs

  • Coaching Sales Process

  • Leading Performance Reviews

  • Managing Difficult Conversations


Time frame: 3 days

Who should attend: Anyone involved in managing people - in any type of organisation, and at any level of experience.

Business Presentation
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